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Prize-Winning Scratching Cactus: The Cactus Cat Tower

Prize-Winning Scratching Cactus: The Cactus Cat Tower

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    The ScratchingCactus effortlessly doubles as a chic focal point in your living space, boasting a distinctive cactus design that captures your cat's heart, deterring them from wreaking havoc on your cherished furniture.

    Scratching in tranquility and style. Your cat will adore it!

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    Tired of torn furniture?

    Our scratcher serves as a perfect distraction for your cat, preventing them from tearing into your furniture.


    AND We're not afraid to tell you why 💙

    Favorite Spot for Cats

    Loved by felines, the cactus scratcher quickly becomes your cat's preferred spot for scratching and stretching. Its innovative design captivates their interest, keeping them away from damaging furniture.


    Crafted with meticulous precision, the ScratchingCactus stands as a decorative masterpiece in your home. Cats appreciate the attention to detail, reveling in the innovative scratching options it provides.

    easy to setup

    Setting up the Scratching Cactus is a breeze! All necessary assembly parts are included, and with the provided instructions, it's up in just a few steps.

    Ample Space for Activities

    The ScratchingCactus offers generous space for your cat to stretch, sharpen claws, and play. It provides a holistic solution to meet your cat's physical and mental needs.

    Durable Construction

    Crafted with strong ropes and solid wood, the cactus scratcher guarantees stability and longevity. Say goodbye to flimsy and short-lived scratching posts; this durable option ensures a lasting solution.

    24 H Customer Service

    Experience ScratchingCactus difference with our rapid response guarantee. When you contact our 24-hour customer service, expect timely and efficient assistance to resolve your queries promptly.

    What makes us stand out.

    • 30-day refund

    • Free-Fast Shippping

    • Stylish Home Addition

    • Furniture Protection

    • Versatile

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    Stylish Home Addition

    The cactus scratcher effortlessly doubles as a chic and eye-catching element in your home, enhancing its overall aesthetic appeal. Its unique design makes it a stylish addition to any room.


    Reinforced with robust ropes and solid wood, the ScratchingCactus guarantees stability and durability. Its steadfast construction ensures it remains firmly in place—no more dealing with flimsy, short-lived scratching posts!

    Shield your furnishings

    Delivering an appealing scratching alternative, the ScratchingCactus acts as a guardian for your prized furniture, sparing it from unsightly scratch marks. Offering ample room for stretching, sharpening, and play, this cat essential is a must in every home.

    Save your furniture from cat scratches


    Is the Scratching Cactus durable?

    Yes, definitely! The Scratching Cactus is made from high-quality materials ensuring its longevity. Say goodbye to short-lived scratching posts.

    Does the Scratching Cactus tip over?

    Thanks to its sturdy construction and high-quality materials, the Scratching Cactus remains securely in place.

    Can I trust you?

    Absolutely! Our numerous positive customer reviews and transparent communication highlight our trustworthiness. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out at: 💚

    Loved By Everyone

    Proudly rated 5/5 from 1000+ customers

    • 100 % Recommend

      The ScratchingCactus from Avara is a game-changer! My cat, Whiskers, absolutely loves it. Not only is it a stylish addition to our living room, but it has also saved our furniture from scratch marks. Two paws up!

      Sophie M.

    • My pet loved it

      I was initially skeptical, but the ScratchingCactus is a hit with my mischievous kitten. The unique design caught her attention instantly, and now she happily scratches away without bothering our couch. Thank you, Avara!

      Emma P.

    • Best stuff my cats ever had

      Finally found a scratching post that doesn't end up in shambles after a week! The durability of the ScratchingCactus is impressive. Plus, it adds a touch of flair to our home. Highly recommend!

      Michael R.

    • Your products are amazing!

      Avara's ScratchingCactus is a lifesaver for any cat owner. It's not just a scratcher; it's a statement piece. My cat, Mr. Whiskington, adores it, and my furniture is saved from his sharp claws. Win-win!

      Sarah B.

    • Turned me into a believer

      I can't get over how cute the ScratchingCactus is! It's not only functional but also a decorative piece in our home. Bella, our cat, has never been more content. Thank you, Avara, for a fantastic product!

      David L.

    • Best investment till date

      The ScratchingCactus has exceeded my expectations. Sturdy, stylish, and effective. My cat, Mochi, has abandoned our old scratcher for this one. It's a hit in our household!

      Greg H.